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Looking for specific products?

Romheld Automation will help find practical automation solutions

Here are three easy ways to find what you’re looking for (even when you aren’t sure what you’re looking for) when it comes to workholding, practical automation solutions or machine tooling and EOAT products, accessories and systems.

  1. Use our SEARCH function at the top right of of your screen above our top Navigation Bar. Enter the key words to describe a product or solution and you should find a number of results. 
  2. Check this list here for suppliers and specific types of products with links to their page on this website. If it’s not here, never fear. We DO have access to most products through our network of global suppliers.
  3. Contact us by email and describe what you’re looking for, even in early stages of re-tooling or re-designing your current manufacturing, production or packing systems. If you can, include the make of your machinery and any details you can provide. We will reply promptly when you Contact Us.

Quick Index for products from Romheld Automation

A number of products and suppliers we represented before our 2017 website redesign no longer appear on our pages. The products are very likely available, and we carefully selected what to include based on popular demand and to make it easy to find the most typical or practical automation solutions.

Use this Supplier & Product Index to help find what you’re looking for with links to the appropriate page. You may not see all products described in detail on the page but they are available from that Supplier.  Simply Contact Us and we will follow up. Click on the link below from the Supplier name or product type to view our appropriate website page.

ATI Industrial Automation (various products)


Expert Tunkers

  • Rotary tables
  • Index drives
  • Transporting technology


Goudsmit Magnetics

  • Magnetic grippers
  • Magvacu Combi grippers
  • Magswitch handling grippers
  • Palletising magnets for tins and cans



  • Collet chucks: Top plus mini, Top plus, Spanntop mini, Manual
  • Mandrels: Mando, Mando G, special mandrels
  • Stationary clamping deivces: Manok, Manok plus, Hydrok, HS dock
  • Adaption clamping devices: Mando adapt, Morse taper adapt, Face driver adapt
  • Multi spindles



  • CNC Machine Tooling
  • Live tooling & static tooling for turning centres
  • Live tooling for machining centres



  • Air driven hydraulic pumps


Hilma Roemheld

  • Machine vices
  • Die clamping
  • Magnetic clamping systems



  • Fixturing components
  • One touch clamps
  • Tombstones



  • Knurling tools: Pressure knurling, Cut knurling
  • Broaching tools



  • Hydraulic clamping elements



  • Hydraulic intensifiers



  • Wedge clamping systems



  • Compliance tools: active & passive compliance
  • Electric spindles: Manual tool change, BT toolholder tool change



  • Robot protective suits
  • Pendant Armour® protective cover


Roemheld Group (Romheld Hilma Stark)

  • Workpiece clamping elements
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Electric hydraulic pumps
  • Pneumatic elements



  • Live & Dead centers

SAS Automation

  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)
  • Bag grippers


Schunk (various products)


Soft Robotics


Stark Roemheld

  • Zero point clamping: hydraulic, pneumatic


Stoger Automation

  • Screwdriver systems: Automatic & hand held screwdriving


Suhner Automation

  • Motor driven spindle units: Tapping units, multi-spindle heads
  • Robot master finishing units



  • Dovetail clamping systems



  • Clamping systems: Pneumatic, electric, toggle



  • Intelligent Vacuum systems



  • Air nippers
  • Static eliminators



  • Quick connectors: manufacturing, gas


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