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HEYPAC Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

Pressured for better hydraulic pumps? Look no further

HEYPAC hydraulic pumps work on a reciprocating differential area piston principle. This means that the pump uses a large area air drive piston connected to a smaller area hydraulic piston to convert compressed air power to hydraulic power. Truly one of the most reliable, resilient hydraulic pumps available on the market.

These hydraulic pumps excel in reliable features, including

  • Pressure sustaining
  • Power on demand
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Infinitely variable flow
  • Intermittent operation
  • Pressure from 5 to 580 bar
  • Basic pump or complete unit with reservoir, manifold, valves, etc.
  • Hydraulic power wherever compressed air is available
 HEYPAC PUMPS  GX Series  KR Series
 Power  1.5 kW  0.37 kW
 Pressure  3 to 550 bar  3 to 690 bar
 Flow  up to 80 l/min  up to 10 l/min


A wide range of flow and pressure facilities can be supplied in either basic pump form, with integral reservoir, or as a fully assembled power unit.   A range of complimentary accessories combine economy and efficiency in a product suited for operation in the most demanding applications and stringent environmental conditions.

These economical hydraulic pumps are ideal for use in fixed or mobile equipment/machinery and for intrinsically safe applications or any job where infinitely variable flow or intermittent operation is required.

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