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KOSTYRKA® hydraulic clamping systems

Specify the original clamping sleeve by KOSTYRKA

KOSTYRKA® develop and manufacture hydraulic clamping elements including clamping sleeves with and without flange ring, expanding sleeves, clamping flat machine elements, support elements and Universal holding fixtures (UHF).

The KOSTYRKA clamping sleeve is a simple system using flexible bushes made from a metal-plastic composite. The development of modern machine tools was influenced by the use of the KOSTYRKA clamping sleeve. It enables extremely high holding forces, is designed for overall program-controlling, opens and closes at lightning speed and supports the designer with its unique compact concept. No wonder KOSTYRKA has delivered hundreds of thousands of clamping sleeves to machine and fixture manufacturers worldwide.

At Romheld Automation we are proud to have had a long, successful supplier relationship with KOSTYRKA of Germany. Since 1969 they have been developing and crafting some of the best hydraulic clamping products and technology for mechanical engineering.

Find out more about how KOSTYRKA solves hydraulic clamping challenges

KOSTYRKA clamping sleeves are available with an inner diameter ranging from 6 to over 1800 mm and lengths up to 900 mm and more for operating pressures up to 600 bar. The sleeve is actuated hydraulically and springs back elastically to the original position after oil pressure is removed. If required oil pressure needs a boost, a KOSTYRKA hydraulic pressure intensifier can be used.

All KOSTYRKA products are designed to exceed the life cycle of the machines they integrate with to ensure ongoing reliable smooth operations. Their quality controls for hydraulic clamping pressure testing is second to none. Test certificates are available for KOSTYRKA clamping elements.

See this KOSTYRKA ‘Hold Tight & Release’ Video demonstration

Watch video!

Used by many machine tool builders the KOSTYRKA system is simple and affordable. See more of their products in our Romheld Product Guide or directly on their Products page of the KOSTYRKA website.

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