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INTEGI Knurling & Broaching

INTEGI produce a range of knurling tools and broaching tools including cut and form knurls for conventional, CNC machines, Swiss type, multi spindle and sliding head lathes.

Knurling wheels are made from HSS and Cobalt for maximum strength and long life and are available in AA (straight), BL and BR30, BL and BR45 (two wheel diamond), GV 30 and 45 (single wheel diamond) and KV and KE (single knurl square diamond).

Wheels can be standard with no coating or Tin coated (Titanium nitride), TICN coated (Titanium carbon nitride), TIALN (Titanium aluminum nitride) and NITRU (Nitriedd).

Knurling tools, broaching tools and more: INTEGI is a global machine tooling leader

A large range of knurling tools for every application and budget are produced by INTEGI, a world leading manufacturer based in Spain  providing over 1500 types of ISO compliant tools and parts to 50 countries since 1974. INTEGI has been a long-time supplier to Romheld Automation and is known for helpful, speedy dispatch of precision crafted knurling and broaching products. See them at a glance in our Romheld Product Guide.

Form knurling tools
Available in 1 wheel, 2 wheel, 3 wheel and 6 wheel configurations. Internal and conical knurling also available. Basic form-knurling kit is a variety pack of essentials.

Cut knurling tools

1 and 2 wheel knurling tools with a variety of shank sizes. Workpiece knurling diameters from Ø1.5 – Ø12mm to Ø30 – Ø3000mm. A basic cut-knurling kit offers 2 essential sizes with Allen wrenches.

Broaching heads

INTEGI broaching heads are available with a range of shank sizes from Ø16 to Ø40. Also available with morse taper, VDI and Weldon shanks.


Square broach up to 10mm
Hexagon broach up to 14mm


Square broach up to 8mm
Hexagon broach up to 10mm


Square broach up to 16mm
Hexagon broach up to 24mm

Your best source for Knurling & Broaching specs

There are excellent resources about Knurling and Broaching tools, including User Manuals, Technical Information and Catalogues on the Download Zone of the Integi website.

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