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Machine Tooling

ROTOR Live and Dead centers

Precision live and dead centers from ROTOR

ROTOR produce a high quality, Swiss-made range of live and dead centers for conventional and CNC lathe and grinding machine applications.

The range of ROTOR live and dead centers includes:

MAIN-LINE live centers 

Precise and robust construction
Dirt and coolant resistant
Available from MT1 to MT7 and metric cones


Includes pressure indicator by coloured bands
Available with different spring pressures


High precision live centres
Suitable for high turning rates


Super accurate centers for grinding and fine turning.
Accuracy guaranteed to 0.002mm
Robust construction

DEAD CENTERS – Hardened Steel

Concentricity tolerance <0.003mm
Tolerance of the 60° point 0/+0.15°


Full carbide centers, bull nose carbide centers and half point carbide centers available


For hardened workpieces between centers.

What’s the difference between a Live & Dead Center?

Funny you should ask (because you probably already know what you’re looking for here). We can’t resist offering this excellent ‘dialogue thread’ from Popular Machinist some years back (2003) that truly identifies a lot of product-in-use descriptions and capabilities. See if you would explain it the same way as these machinists do for high speed turning jobs and milling operations with variable speeds: See The difference between a Live & Dead Centre

To hear our take on it, you’re invited to talk it over when you Contact Us.