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GOUDSMIT Magnetic grippers

Goudsmit Magnetics is a global leader in magnetic grippers or entire industrial magnetic systems that are used by major manufacturers and supply industries worldwide. They are a family owned company based in the Netherlands since 1959.

Goudsmit Magnetics manufacture magnets to cover a large range of handling applications. They are known in the industry by their Goudsmit brand names.

  • Magvacu Combi grippers
  • Magswitch handling grippers

Robot end of arm tooling (EOAT) magnets are suitable for automated handling of ferromagnetic parts, i.e. automotive parts, whitegoods etc. Either pneumatically or electrically switchable as magnetic grippers, they range in lifting power up to 600kg.

Hand held magnets are perfect for handling small lighter parts that can be moved by hand. Maximum lifting power 45kg.

Heavy Items lifting magnets for lifting and moving materials using overhead cranes, fork lifts etc. Maximum lifting power 15,000kg.

Magnetic sheet separators quickly separate sticky or oiled steel sheets and prevent more than one sheet being picked up per lift. Maximum sheet thickness 4mm.

Palletising or Palletizing magnets are for automated handling of tins, aerosol cans, drums or glass jars,  placed in boxes or on pallets. These are versatile and varied in style, to accommodate horizontal, vertical or hanging movement or transport of products over any production line distance. Capable of handling a complete pallet layer per lift. Pneumatically switchable, maximum size 1420 x 1400mm.

Magnetic conveyors for pipes and tube, magnetic slide conveyors and magnetic feed conveyors.

Quality Control Magnets: In Europe, Goudsmit supplies many manufacturers with in-line magnetic solutions. See this interesting article about how magnets remove very small iron particles from sugar, Magnets for the Sugar Industry.

See more about the categories of industrial magnets and magnetic grippers on this page about magnetic handling at Goudsmit Magnetics.

As a long time supplier to Romheld Automation, we can share insights on how to provide you with the right magnetic gripper solution when you Contact Us.

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