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To be recognized and respected as the market leader and supplier of choice in the provision of specialist, high quality work-holding equipment and automation products to the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing sector.


To grow our business through the distribution of a complete range of products and services which meet the demanding requirements and expectations of our customers. To develop outstanding partnerships with our principal suppliers to ensure that products are delivered competitively and on time, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.

To listen to our customers, so that we can understand their needs and respond accordingly on the premise that "Total Customer Satisfaction" will lead to customer loyalty and improved levels of business.

To ensure that the business is well managed, efficient and responsive to market opportunities which will ensure a favourable return to its stakeholders.


We embrace the principles of honesty and fair dealing, and we expect to be treated in the same way. Above all, we value the relationships between our company, its people, our customers and suppliers.


Romheld Automation aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, customers, visitors and the community.
No job is so important, no task so urgent, that time cannot be taken to perform work safely.

Key elements that underpin our safety policies and practices are
Management is accountable for ensuring a safe system of work and that all statutory safety requirements are met. Working safely within this system is a condition of employment for all of our people.
Training is essential to improve safety awareness for employees and others within our operations.
Hazard Control:

Identify, eliminate and control potential hazards in the workplace.   All operating exposures can be safeguarded.

Safety Program:

Through consultation and ongoing involvement, a safety program will be developed, implemented and monitored.

While these key elements are necessary, everyone’s involvement and commitment is essential.