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Index Drives and Turntables

Index Drives and Turntables


Mechanical index drives from EXPERT, a subsidiary of Tunkers GmbH, have a leading position in the world market.

The basis for all solutions is the utilisation of well tested, mathematically determined kinetic functions resulting in a joltless and smooth cycle for all translateral and rotating movements.  High repetitive accuracy at simultaneous positioning in the end positions and direct transmission of motion by mechanical positive connection are characteristics of the index drive technology.

EXPERT drives have a long service life and high operating efficiency, and experience gained over decades ensures the most technically difficult and economically perfect solutions are found, even in the case of the most difficult tasks.

EXPERT standard delivery program includes;

- Standard turntables
- Drum drives
- Globoidal rotary index tables and globoidal drives
- Parallel shaft index drives
- Drive modules with flexible output angle
- Pendulum gear with special movements

EXPERT Special Drive solutions include;

- mechanical drive solutions
- electronic drive solutions
- combined drive solutions

The modular system of drives offers optimum compact and cost-effective solutions which carry out reliably constant handling operations.  Drives are mainly used in series (mass) production ij order to move parts to be processed smoothly out of their holders, transport them rapidly and reinstall them smoothly in their precise position.

All drive axles necessary for the handling movements (translateral or rotating) of the large useful loads are carried out as a separate module with own drive and control system.

EXPERT delivery programme includes;

- Lift shuttle systems
- Lifting tables
- Longitudinal drives
- Lifting turntables
- Swivelling drives
- Multi-axle manipulators
- Special solutions



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