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High Speed Marking Tools for CNC's

High Speed Marking Tools for CNC's

GRAVOSTAR is a high performance, tool-changeable marking head, the smart alternative to conventional engraving that can be easily fitted to existing machines.

GRAVOSTAR is a high speed etching tool that utilizes an oscillating etching needle principle.   Unlike engraving tools, the etching procedure involves no material removal as the process is accomplished by fine point compression of the material.


Powered by the CNC machine’s coolant or air supply, the etching needle begins to oscillate vertically at a frequency of approximately 300 cycles per second which produces marking points that are so closely lined up they cannot be individually recognized.   All functional elements of the impulse steering system are integrated in the etching head.   Based on the high swinging frequency of the needle, the result is a deepened “continuous” etch line.

The GRAVOSTAR has a marking speed up to 5 metres/min and can be fitted into a standard toolholder for ATC operation in machining centres, whereas for CNC lathes there are models with VDI shanks.   It has integrated height compensation of up to 5 mm to accommodate writing on round or uneven surfaces of practically all materials such as aluminium, coloured metals (anodized etc), tool and high grade steels of different alloys with hardness to about 62 HRC.

With GRAVOSTAR it is possible to complete the machining and marking operations in the one setup, thus eliminating one process to reduce costs, time and handling.   As it is controlled by the CNC program, real-time individual marking of logo’s, serial numbers, part codes, bar codes etc is a reality.

Machines must have writing software available and constant air pressure of 4 to 8 bar for air driven units, or internal through spindle coolant between 8 to 30 bar.

The GRAVOSTAR is available in several models for air or coolant supply and can be manually changed if ATC operation is not desired.   Manufactured with renowned Swiss quality and precision, the writing needles can be re-sharpened thus reducing consumable costs.

GRAVOSTAR is the latest machine tool accessory available from Romheld Automation with technical data and a short video available on CD format upon request.

Link to Gravostar website www.gravostar.com

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