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Automated Loading Systems

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Automated Loading Systems

Automated Loading Systems


Toellner designs and manufactures a range of high performance loaders that automate the loading of parts from a magazine into CNC lathes, grinders, thread rollers and milling machines etc.  Significant benefits of Toellner loaders include up to 40% savings on part loading/unloading, up to 50% increase in total throughput efficiency and a typical 6 to 12 month return on investment.   Further, Toellner loaders provide a much faster ROI compared with robot and gantry loading systems.

Loading systems from Toellner generally include a storage magazine for incoming parts, a servo driven loader arm, end of arm tooling to suit the workpiece/s and a parts takeaway conveyor for finished parts.  The system is capable of handling bars, billets and a variety of forged or cast parts, see following photo for examples.  Changeover for a new part involves changing the end of arm tooling and input magazine and this can usually be achieved in about 15 to 20 minutes making the system very flexible.


When loading into a CNC lathe an optional 180 degree part rotation device allows for complete machining of both ends within the same cycle to further reduce cycle times.   Input magazines can be built to accommodate a large quantity of components for long periods of unmanned or lights out processing.    The loader is positioned directly in front of the machine door on a pivoting base which allows clear access for machine maintenance, housekeeping and tool changes etc.

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