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Suhner Automation Expert

Suhner Automation Expert

Swiss made Suhner low cost automation spindles are precision, rigid, compact fully self contained machining spindles designed for drilling, tapping, milling, sanding, grinding and other operations. Options available include all in one units with built in feed cycle, separate spindle and feed modules, multi spindle or flexible drive. Feed types include pneumatic, pneumatic/hydraulic and servo electric. They are available in a wide range of motor sizes and speeds, and being modular, can be mixed and matched to achieve the most efficient solution.

MONOmaster are drilling spindles with built in quill feed unit, with sizes ranging from maximum drill 6mm to 28mm, and spindle speeds up to 18000 rpm.

MULTImaster are drilling spindles with quill feed and flexible drive shaft with drill capacities ranging from 3 to 12. One motor can drive up to 8 separate spindles.

Suhner Automation Expert Suhner Automation ExpertPOWERmaster is a range of separate spindle and slide units designed for drilling and milling with spindle speeds up to 23000 rpm. Maximum drill capacity is 65 and slide strokes up to 630mm are available as standard.

TAPmaster are quill feed tapping spindles for tapping up to M48 in mild steel.

CNCmaster is a range of AC motor or servo driven spindles and servo feed units. Motors up to 22kW provide the power for heavy machining operations.

MULTImaster is a range of standard 2, 3 or 4 spindle heads with adjustable spindle centres. Specials are available with any number of fixed position spindles.

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