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miniBOOSTER offers a complete range of low cost, compact, in-line hydraulic pressure intensfiers that automatically increase system output pressure.

Hydraulic pressure intensifiers are used in cases where it is necessary to increase the output pressure from a given hydraulic system.  The patented miniBOOSTER range of intensifiers are oscillating boosters that will compensate for oil loss on the high pressure side.

Each booster has an internal bypass circuit that allows oil to flow at normal rate until resistance is met, at which time the booster function cuts in to provide the higher pressure when and where it is needed.
As well as hydraulic oil, miniBOOSTER's can be supplied for use with other mediums such as water and water glycol.

The popular HC2 series (see pdf download below)  is just 110 mm long and 50 mm in diameter, with 1/4" BSP connections at the in, return and high pressure ports, making it ideal for use in workholding fixtures where space is at a premium.  With eleven intensification ratio's to choose from (1.2:1 up to 20.0:1) an HC2 unit is available for virtually every application.

Available in several body sizes the miniBOOSTER units can be selected according to the required intensification ratio and oil flow rate.   In addition there are proportional versions and types for use with dual media.

The use of hydraulic pressure intensifiers means that cylinders/clamps and other components can often be down-sized for reduced cost and space.

miniBOOSTER also offers a range of compact and portable power units based upon the intensifier principle.

Link to miniBOOSTER website www.minibooster.com

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